How do I become a member and get a library card?

A valid Jane Stern Dorado Community Library (JSDCL) card is required to check out materials from the library, access the wireless network, to register for library programs and courses or to access Britannica Online and the Destiny library catalog from home. No library card is needed to use materials in the library or to attend one-time library activities. Members should make sure to keep the library updated with their e-mail addresses to keep current with the library activities and programs.


To become a member and obtain a library card, fill out an application and visit the library.  Upon payment of the membership fee, a library employee will issue you an active card.  Members may opt to pay for more than one year.  Expired memberships may be reactivated by renewing at the same rate. Library cards will be issued to applicants according to the following categories and terms.


Annual membership:

  • $1.00 – children and students

        (including university students who have a current ID from an institution of higher learning).


  • $10.00 – adults


Library members are encouraged to return checked-out materials on time. Damage, loss or late return will result in fines or other charges. Overdue materials are subject to a fine of 5 cents per day up to a maximum fine limit of $5.00 per item. Your library card is changed to “delinquent” status if you have $8 or more in unpaid fines, overdue items, or lost items. Delinquent accounts cannot access our databases from home, borrow books, register for programs or access the library’s Wi-Fi.


What if I Lose My Card?

Visit the library’s front desk.  If your membership is up to date, the librarian can issue you a substitute card.  The charge is $1.00 for the first replacement, and $2.00 for any subsequent replacements. Lost or stolen cards should be promptly reported to avoid unauthorized use.

How Do I Check Out a Book?

Users with an active library membership take their books to the front desk where they are stamped with a due date.  All books may be checked out for two weeks.  If you are unable to return the books by the due date, simply call the library (787) 796-3675) and request that they be renewed for another two weeks.


Children may check out two books at a time; adults may check out up to 4 books at a time.

How do I see if JSDCL has the book I am looking for?


  • Use a library computer
  • Go to or click on the Destiny icon.
  • Click on “The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library”
  • Click on “Catalog”
  • In the Search bar enter the name of the book or the author
  • Click “GO”
  •  If the library has the book, note the Dewey Number.



  • Follow the steps above
  • In the Search bar enter the theme (for example: “birds”)
  • Click “GO”

How Do I use Destiny Quest to find information or a book?

estiny Quest provides another way to search for a book from the library or from home.  Destiny Quest, is a graphically appealing library search interface with a user login feature for members. While it is especially designed for students from K to 12, it can be used by any age to look for information, find an age-appropriate book, or see the latest acquisitions or popular check outs.



  • Use a library Computer
  • Click on the Destiny icon
  • Click on “Catalog”
  • Click on “ Destiny Quest”
  • In the “Find” bar, enter a theme (eg “birds”)
  • From the “Narrow Your Search” menu choose a category (e.g.. Language)
  • From the “Narrow Your Search” menu choose another category (e.g .interest level, which gives you a sliding bar for levels from K to adult.



  • Have your membership number ready
  • From “Catalog” find Create an Account
  • Enter your first and last names
  • Enter your library card member number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Create a user name and password.


Once logged on, use the power of social media to create a personal experience around the library collection.


Members can:

  • Reserve a book for later pick-up
  • See what they have checked out and when items are due back to the library.
  • Create their own virtual shelves and keep track of books they have read or want to read.
  • Put books on hold that they want to read but are currently checked out to someone else.
  • Rate the books they’ve read and write book reviews which other users can see.
  • Create a network of “friends” within the system which allows them to recommend books to each other and have online discussions about books with their “friends.”

How do I find a book on the library shelves?

At JSDCL, books are shelved according to the following major categories, each of which has it’s own section:




Fic-Fiction (adult)

B-Biography (adult)


PR-Puerto Rico Collection

Non-Fiction (Dewey number first by topic, followed by a letter for its author


As an example, a book labeled J Fic R884hd is a Juvenile fiction book whose author’s name begins with R shelved with other books in the Juvenile Area that have authors beginning with R in order of the number (R883, R884, etc.).  This book happens to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling.


In the Children’s area, all books marked "E," but they are separated on different shelves as:


  •  toddler books (board books)
  •  story books
  •  chapter books
  •  non-fiction
  •  reference (encyclopedias, etc.)


As in the adult section children’s non-fiction is filed by the topic denoted by its Dewey Number. A bright and easy-to-follow chart posted in the children’s section shows the numbers for each general category under which books are shelved.  (For example, books categorized as “Science” are shelved by numbers between 500 and 599).


Books in each of these sections are marked by a stickers in different colors. Storybooks (fiction) have red stickers, and those that also have an orange sticker are in Spanish!  There is a chart posted to inform you about what the various colored stickers mean.


This can all be a bit confusing, so don’t hesitate to ASK an employee or student volunteer to help you find the book you want! And we never ask users to return books to a shelf; rather, there are benches to deposit books for an employee to handle later.


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